This Day in History: The brave women of Bryan’s station

On this day in 1782, the Siege of Bryan’s Station begins. Once again, a group of American women showed incredible bravery—and their actions saved the day! Did you know that some fighting continued, even after George Washington’s victory at Yorktown? One hot spot for these skirmishes was Kentucky (then a territory of Virginia). The British […]

This Day in History: Gunpowder is stolen for the Patriot cause

On this day in 1775, more than 100 kegs of gunpowder are stolen for the Patriot cause. The incident came to be known as the Bermuda Gunpowder Plot. Bermuda was in a bit of a difficult situation during the American Revolution. As a colony of Great Britain, it was caught in the middle between its […]

This Day in History: The Signer who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle

During this week in 1749, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is born in South Carolina. Thomas Lynch, Jr.’s life would come to a tragic end a mere 30 years later when he was lost at sea, possibly in the Bermuda Triangle. Both Lynch and his father worked hard for the Patriot cause. The […]

This Day in History: The man who betrayed the Sons of Liberty

On this day in 1775, George Washington’s army gets a new Surgeon General. Unfortunately, that man would turn out to be a traitor. What a terrible blow! Dr. Benjamin Church had long been a trusted member of the Sons of Liberty. When you think “traitor,” you probably think of Benedict Arnold. Well, it turns out that […]

This Day in History: Who was the “Samuel Adams of Philadelphia”?

On this day in 1789, President George Washington accepts a letter of resignation from someone you’ve never heard of. But maybe your schools should have told you about him?! Charles Thomson was the perpetual secretary of Congress throughout the American Revolution. His job was to do much of the unglamorous, behind-the-scenes work that made our […]