This Day in History: The Spanish Governor who worked for American independence

On this day in 1780, the British negotiate a surrender of Fort Charlotte to the Spanish governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Gálvez. Do you know about Gálvez? He’s the guy that Galveston, Texas, is named for. His efforts were vitally important to the American Revolutionary war effort. If nothing else, his efforts distracted the British […]

This Day in History: Elizabeth Burgin, unsung Revolutionary War heroine

On this day in 1776, a public notice appears in Baltimore, Maryland. It beseeches the help of “our humane ladies” in the American cause. The assistance requested was rather mundane. Could the ladies provide “assistance in furnishing us with linen rags and old sheeting, for bandages”? Yet the notice serves as a reminder: The American […]

This Day in History: Wentworth Cheswell, the “black Paul Revere”

On this day in 1817, an American Patriot passes away. Wentworth Cheswell was the grandson of a slave, and yet he lived life as a free man. He was even elected to public office! But there is much more to Cheswell than just his lineage. Most importantly, he was a Patriot who served his country […]

This Day in History: Crispus Attucks, first casualty of the American Revolution

On this day in 1770, a casualty of the Boston Massacre lies in state at Faneuil Hall. Crispus Attucks had been the first to fall during that chaotic event mere days earlier. Some even argue that Attucks was the first casualty of the American Revolution. “He is one of the most important figures in African-American […]

This Day in History: Tensions boil over at the Boston Massacre

On this day in 1770, the Boston Massacre occurs. Five Bostonians are killed by British soldiers. Others are wounded. Tension had been mounting for years. Parliament wanted to establish its authority to tax the colonies, and it had approved a series of duties: the much-hated Townshend Acts. Naturally, the colonists didn’t think too much of […]