This Day in History: George Washington puts down the Conway Cabal

On this day in 1777, George Washington faces the possibility of mutiny. One of his officers had been working to undermine him—but now General Washington knew what was going on. He wrote Brigadier General Thomas Conway, bringing things out into the open. “[A] Letter which I receivd last Night,” Washington wrote, “containd the following, paragraph. […]

This Day in History: Israel Bissell, the real hero behind Paul Revere?

On this day in 1823, Israel Bissell passes away. Was he the real hero hiding behind the oft-told story of Paul Revere? Some people believe so. In reality, it’s hard to be certain about too much when it comes to Israel Bissell’s life and daring ride. Indeed, when push comes to shove, even his identity […]

This Day in History: John Glover outwits the British, saves Washington’s army

On this day in 1776, George Washington’s army makes a move. The British were coming! But for American Colonel John Glover, would the Revolution have ended right then and there? Washington’s army was reeling from a series of demoralizing defeats. A crushing loss at Brooklyn Heights had been followed by a miraculous midnight escape across […]

This Day in History: The British win a battle, but lose the war

On this day in 1777, American forces lose the Battle of Fort Montgomery and Fort Clinton. It was the latest in a long string of defeats for the Patriots. But it was also another defeat that would end up playing to Americans’ advantage. Actually, but for this defeat, one has to wonder if the final […]