This Day in History: Patriots win the Battle of Colson’s Mill

On this day in 1780, the Battle of Colson’s Mill is fought and won by Patriot forces in North Carolina. The skirmish has been all but forgotten by history books, but did it offer the “‘death knell’ of further active Loyalist or ‘Tory’ militia support in much of the Carolinas,” as one history professor has […]

This Day in History: John Marshall, the Liberty Bell & a life well lived

On this day in 1835, city bells toll as a funeral procession for Chief Justice John Marshall makes its way down Philadelphia streets. Some reports say that the Liberty Bell cracked on that day, although the story has never been proven. Marshall was one of the nation’s early Chief Justices, and his tenure established the […]

This Day in History: American naval hero John Paul Jones is born

On this day in 1747, a future American hero is born in Scotland. Today, John Paul Jones is known as one of the founders of the American Navy. Back then, he was simply John Paul, a young boy who would be introduced to a life at sea when he was only 13 years old. He […]

This Day in History: Silas Talbot, a captain of Old Ironsides, passes away

On this day in 1813, a former captain of the Continental Navy passes away. Silas Talbot also served in the United States Navy as the captain of Old Ironsides! Talbot worked his way up from poor beginnings in Massachusetts and was living in Providence when the Revolution began. After the battles of Lexington and Concord, […]