This Day in History: The Boston Tea Party

On this day in 1773, a group of American colonists boards three ships in Boston Harbor and throws 46 tons of tea overboard. Yes, you guessed it. Today is the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party! These colonists were protesting the Tea Act of 1773, enacted by Britain earlier that year. Believe it or […]

This Day in History: The Pilgrims enjoy a three-day Thanksgiving feast

On or around this day in 1621, the Pilgrims enjoy a three-day feast! They are grateful for their harvest after a long, hard first year in the New World. You already know that the Pilgrims fled England because they feared religious persecution. Their voyage on the Mayflower began in September 1620—and it was a rough […]

This Day in History: The (almost) forgotten Charleston Tea Party

On this day in 1774, the South Carolina Gazette reports on the so-called Charleston Tea Party.  You’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party, of course. Charleston had one, too! Discontent had been brewing for a while. Colonists were furious about the “unconstitutional tax” on tea. In November 1773, an editorialist wrote in the South Carolina […]

This Day in History: “No taxation without representation!”

On this day in 1765, the Stamp Act goes into effect. That Act was one of the first controversial taxation measures to create a rift between Great Britain and her American colonies in the years before the American Revolution. You’ve heard the battle cry born during those days: “No taxation without representation!” The Stamp Act […]

This Day in History: King George III rejects the Olive Branch Petition

On this day in 1775, an Olive Branch petition from the American colonies arrives in London. It would be formally presented to the King on September 1. The Olive Branch Petition had been adopted by the Continental Congress mere weeks earlier, on July 5, 1775. Does the date sound familiar? It’s very close to another […]