This Day in History: HMT Rohna: “World War II’s Secret Tragedy”

On this day in 1941, HMT Rohna is commissioned. Her demise would be called “World War II’s Secret Tragedy.” More than 1,000 American troops would be lost—AND the entire incident was kept secret for decades. But why? And what were American troops doing on a British ship in the first place? Rohna was a passenger […]

This Day in History: The nuclear submarine USS Scorpion, missing in action

On this day in 1968, a nuclear submarine in the United States Navy is missing in action—except no one seemed to realize it. Instead, family and friends of USS Scorpion’s crew would cheerfully gather at a dock in Norfolk, Virginia, on May 27. They were thrilled and excited to welcome their fathers, husbands, and brothers […]

This Day in History: American ingenuity & the first submarine attack!

On this day in 1776, Americans launch the first submarine attack! They hoped to break a British blockade of New York harbor. The submarine was the work of David Bushnell, an inventor from Connecticut. He called his submarine the “Turtle” because it was like “two upper tortoise shells of equal size, joined together.” The Turtle […]

This Day in History: The first US Navy warship named after a black American

On this day in 1943, the USS Harmon is commissioned. It was the first U.S. Navy warship to be named after a black American! The destroyer was named after Leonard Roy Harmon, a sailor who gave his life during World War II. Harmon was a native Texan who enlisted with the United States Navy and served […]

Medal of Honor Monday: USS Memphis is wrecked by a massive tidal wave

On this day in 1916, a U.S. Navy armored cruiser is wrecked by a massive tidal wave. USS Memphis was effectively destroyed and dozens of her crew were lost. Three sailors would earn the Medal of Honor for their actions that day. One of the three Medals had to be awarded posthumously. Perhaps the tragedy […]