This Day in History: Lou Hoover, a nearly forgotten First Lady

On this day in 1874, a future First Lady is born. This gifted woman has been overshadowed a bit by her successor, Eleanor Roosevelt. What a pity. You have to wonder if there was anything the talented Lou Hoover couldn’t do!  Lou would become the first woman to earn a degree in geology from Stanford […]

This Day in History: The 1966 NASA T-38 crash

On this day in 1966, two astronauts are tragically killed as they travel from Houston to St. Louis. Elliot See and Charles Bassett were scheduled for two weeks of simulator training at a McDonnell Aircraft facility. They were the prime crew assigned to Gemini 9, slated to launch later that spring. See and Bassett weren’t […]

This Day in History: The Men’s U.S. Hockey Team & the “Miracle on Ice”

On this day in 1980, the “Miracle on Ice” occurs. The United States men’s hockey team defeats the Soviets at the Lake Placid Olympic Games. It was a much-needed morale boost, just when our country needed it most. Who can forget the late 70s? The economy was bad. Gas lines were long. Hostages were stuck […]

This Day in History: NASA and the first untethered spacewalk

During this week in 1984, a NASA astronaut makes the first untethered spacewalk. No one had ever done such a thing before! Usually, a long cable keeps astronauts safely bound to their spacecraft. But now Captain Bruce McCandless II would leave the Space Shuttle Challenger and float freely in space, relying only on a propulsion […]