This Day in History: NASA and the first untethered spacewalk

During this week in 1984, a NASA astronaut makes the first untethered spacewalk. No one had ever done such a thing before! Usually, a long cable keeps astronauts safely bound to their spacecraft. But now Captain Bruce McCandless II would leave the Space Shuttle Challenger and float freely in space, relying only on a propulsion […]

This Day in History: Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball

On this day in 1919, a baby boy is born to poor sharecroppers in Georgia. Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson would go on to become the first black man to play Major League Baseball during the 20th Century. Robinson had a rough time of it when he was little. His father left his mother, who ended […]

This Day in History: William McKinley, one of our lesser-known Presidents

On this day in 1843, William McKinley is born. He is one of those Presidents that you don’t hear too much about, perhaps in part because his time in office was cut short by a deranged gunman. As a young man, McKinley fought for the Union during the Civil War. He served under future President […]

This Day in History: The Iran hostages finally come home

On this day in 1981, Ronald Reagan welcomes the Iran hostages home. Fifty-two hostages had been held in Iran for 444 long days. Problems with Iran, of course, had been decades in the making. The country’s former dictator, the Shah, had obtained power with the help of the United States and Great Britain. He was […]