This Day in History: Operation Ivory Coast tries (and fails) to rescue Vietnam POWs

On this day in 1970, the United States tries—and fails—to rescue POWs being held near Hanoi, Vietnam. What a disappointment! Preparations had been ongoing for months. But, in the end, more than 70 prisoners would remain behind, still captives in Vietnam. “[E]very man involved in Operation Ivory Coast brought home a broken heart,” one POW […]

This Day in History: Richard Nixon claims “I am not a crook”

On this day in 1973, President Richard Nixon famously tells a room full of reporters: “I am not a crook.” The word “crook” fell harshly on his listeners’ ears. No President had ever uttered such a phrase before, even when people wondered about the honesty of an administration. “[O]ne would never hear a Kennedy say, […]

This Day in History: The controversy surrounding the Jefferson Memorial

On this day in 1939, a cornerstone is laid for the Jefferson Memorial. Statues of America’s third President have become controversial in recent months because Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. But did you know that his Memorial was controversial when it was built, too? The disputes were completely different back then, of course. Yet […]

This Day in History: Ellis Island releases its last immigrant

On this day in 1954, Ellis Island releases its last immigrant. The island’s immigration center had been in operation since 1892. Did you know that the federal government wasn’t always in charge of immigration? For many years, the states performed this task! By the end of the 1800s, however, more and more immigrants were coming […]