This Day in History: Andrew Jackson issues the Nullification Proclamation

On this day in 1832, President Andrew Jackson issues the Nullification Proclamation. In it, he claimed that states may not declare federal laws unconstitutional and then refuse to obey them. It was an event that contributed to the tension between North and South in the years before the Civil War. The Jackson-era nullification crisis came […]

This Day in History: Jefferson Davis passes away

On this day in 1889, Jefferson Davis passes away. He is best known as the former President of the Confederate States of America. How ironic, given Davis’s feelings about the Civil War. He didn’t really want to secede from the Union in the first place, and he would have preferred not to serve as President […]

This Day in History: Railroad companies create the first time zones

On this day in 1883, railroad companies create the first time zones. Yes, you heard that right. Private individuals saw a problem and solved it without involving the federal government. What a wonderfully American “do it yourself” mindset! Such determination and perseverance is what made our country great. Before time zones, Americans generally relied upon […]

This Day in History: Congress, the U.S. Capitol — and a tornado!?

On this day in 1800, Congress meets for the first time in the U.S. Capitol.  Congressmen wouldn’t get to stay for too long. Did you know that Washington, D.C. was nearly destroyed by a tornado in 1814? Or, alternatively, you could argue that the tornado saved the city. But for the tornado, the British might have […]

This Day in History: Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States

On this day in 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the United States. Such an achievement must have seemed impossible during his early childhood years. Lincoln was born in a tiny log cabin in Kentucky. When Abe was 7 years old, his family moved to Indiana, where they squatted on a plot of land […]