This Day in History: The end of the Pony Express

On this day in 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph is sent, bringing an end to the Pony Express. The task seemed impossible at first! How could cable be stretched over 2,000 miles of country, including the Rocky Mountains and many areas where it was assumed that Indians would cut down lines or attack the workers? […]

This Day in History: Old Ironsides is launched!

On this day in 1797, Old Ironsides is launched! “Old Ironsides” is the nickname that was given to the USS Constitution, one of the first six frigates built for the U.S. Navy during the early years of our country. Initially, the frigate was used in the Quasi War with France and the Barbary Wars, but […]

This Day in History: The Father of Flag Day is born

On this day in 1866, Bernard J. Cigrand was born. He is considered by many to be the Father of Flag Day! What would Cigrand think of modern-day refusals to salute the flag as our national anthem is sung? After all, those protests are pretty much the opposite of what he spent his entire life […]

This Day in History: Victoria Woodhull is born

On this day in 1838, Victoria California Claflin is born. If you’ve heard of her, then you probably know her as Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the United States! She ran for President before she even had the right to vote for herself. Victoria came from a rough background. She […]

This Day in History: Fort McHenry and our National Anthem

On this day in 1814, the British begin bombarding Fort McHenry. Famously, a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key watched the battle from a nearby ship. The next morning, Key was relieved to see the American flag waving proudly above the fort. Americans had not surrendered! Key was inspired to write a poem that would […]