This Day in History: Sarah Josepha Hale, the “Mother of Thanksgiving”

On this day in 1788, the “Mother of Thanksgiving” is born. Sarah Josepha Hale wore many hats during her lifetime. She was a writer and a poet. She raised money for the Bunker Hill Monument and helped save Mount Vernon. She was “Editress” of Godey’s Lady’s Book. She was a widow who raised five children. […]

This Day in History: The end of the Pony Express

On this day in 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph is sent, bringing an end to the Pony Express. The task seemed impossible at first! How could cable be stretched over 2,000 miles of country, including the Rocky Mountains and many areas where it was assumed that Indians would cut down lines or attack the workers? […]

This Day in History: Old Ironsides is launched!

On this day in 1797, Old Ironsides is launched! “Old Ironsides” is the nickname that was given to the USS Constitution, one of the first six frigates built for the U.S. Navy during the early years of our country. Initially, the frigate was used in the Quasi War with France and the Barbary Wars, but […]