This Day in History: Julia Tyler, our “Lovely Lady Presidentress”

On this day in 1820, future First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler was born. She married the President in a secret wedding! It’s hard to imagine any President today pulling off such a stunt, isn’t it? Julia was born into a prominent family and was in the public eye early, even before she was a First […]

This Day in History: John Wilkes Booth is found hiding in a barn

On this day in 1865, John Wilkes Booth is shot and killed on a farm in Virginia. Did you ever wonder what happened to him in the days after he’d assassinated Abraham Lincoln? Booth’s infamous attack on Lincoln occurred as the President watched a comedy at Ford’s Theatre on Good Friday. Partway through the show, […]

This Day in History: Abraham Lincoln is shot at Ford’s Theatre

On this day in 1865, Abraham Lincoln is shot by an assassin. Did you know that Lincoln was shot on Good Friday? April 14 was Good Friday that year, just as it is this year. Unfortunately, as we all know, Lincoln would pass away the next day. The President had decided to spend his Good […]

This Day in History: President Andrew Jackson is censured by the U.S. Senate

On this day in 1834, President Andrew Jackson is censured by the U.S. Senate. “[W]e should not be at all surprised,” one columnist scoffed at the time, “if he attempted to dissolve the present Congress—at least the Senatorial branch, which, by refusing to register all his imperial edicts, has become extremely offensive to His Majesty!” […]

This Day in History: West Point is founded

On this day in 1802, the United States Military Academy at West Point is founded. The academy has trained some of America’s greatest military minds, including such notables as Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and George S. Patton. Generals on both sides of the Civil War were trained at West Point as well. West Point […]