This Day in History: The origins of the Battle Hymn of the Republic

On or around this day in 1861, Julia Ward Howe is inspired to write the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Did you know that this much-loved patriotic song has its roots in the Civil War years? Julia was the daughter of a Wall Street broker and a poet. She was well-educated and was able to […]

This Day in History: Nellie Bly’s trip around the world in 72 days

On this day in 1889, Nellie Bly begins her famous trip around the world. The intrepid female journalist had already gone undercover in an insane asylum and reported on corruption in Mexico. She routinely wrote front page stories and exposés at a time when women were “supposed” to write recipes or style guides. But Nellie […]

This Day in History: William Henry Harrison & the Battle of Tippecanoe

On this day in 1811, the Battle of Tippecanoe is fought between Shawnee warriors and Americans led by future President William Henry Harrison. At the time, Harrison was serving as Governor of the Indiana Territory. His job was to negotiate treaties with Indian tribes in the area and to obtain as much land as possible […]

This Day in History: The unexpected wedding of Mary & Abraham Lincoln

On this day in 1842, Mary Todd marries Abraham Lincoln, giving almost no notice to her family. Her family was not exactly pleased with the situation. The bride and groom came from very different backgrounds. Lincoln was a farmer’s son with little formal education. By contrast, Mary had been born into a prominent Kentucky family, […]