This Day in History: The origins of the Constitutional Convention

On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention is scheduled to begin—but nothing happened! The Convention couldn’t get started, because only a handful of delegates had arrived in Philadelphia. A quorum of seven states was not present until May 25. Did you ever wonder who had the idea to hold a convention in the first […]

This Day in History: George Washington’s inaugural ball

On this day in 1789, the first inaugural ball is held. It wasn’t quite what we think of as a presidential ball, but it was a celebration, nonetheless! Can you imagine Washington dancing at his ball? You probably can’t. The picture painted of Washington in our history books is that of a calm, emotionless figure. […]

This Day in History: President George Washington is inaugurated

On this day in 1789, George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States. The inauguration occurred in New York: There was no such thing as Washington, D.C. back then. Thus, on the morning of April 30, citizens in New York awoke to a salute of thirteen guns and the peal of […]

This Day in History: President-elect George Washington arrives in New York

On this day in 1789, George Washington arrives in New York. The former Commander-in-Chief would soon be inaugurated first President of the United States. He’d surely thought—even hoped—that his time in public service was over. Five years earlier, he’d resigned from the Army and left New York. He’d been itching to resume life at his […]

This Day in History: What if the U.S. never had paper money?

On this day in 1792, the Coinage Act creates the U.S. Mint and provides for the construction of a new building in Philadelphia. That building was the first federal building to be built under the new U.S. Constitution. In the wake of the American Revolution, the country faced persistent problems because of the monetary system […]