This Day in History: The Constitutional Convention discusses presidential selection

During this month in 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention debate an important question: How should a President be elected? You’d be surprised by the great variety of crazy ideas they had. 😉 For starters, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that we’d have only one President. We’d fought a Revolution so we could escape a […]

This Day in History: William Blount, Signer of the Constitution — impeached!

On this day in 1797, Tennessee senator William Blount is impeached by the House of Representatives. But Blount was one of the signers of the Constitution! How could matters have degenerated so badly? Presumably, it all began because Blount was obsessed with land. He had pushed for the infamous Land Grab Act of 1783 in […]

This Day in History: A battle of heavyweights at the Virginia ratifying convention

On this day in 1788, Virginia ratifies the United States Constitution. At the time, many thought that Virginia had provided the critical 9th vote to put the Constitution into effect. They were wrong. New Hampshire provided that vote on June 21. Virginia’s ratifying convention was a battle of heavyweights. There may have been just a […]

This Day in History: John Trumbull, The “Patriot-Artist of the Revolution”

On this day in 1756, the so-called “Patriot-Artist of the Revolution” is born in Connecticut. You may know of John Trumbull’s many famous paintings, but did you also know that he was arrested as a prisoner of war during the American Revolution? John Trumbull was born to a prominent family in Connecticut. His father, Governor […]

This Day in History: The Constitutional Convention finally begins

On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention finally begins. The meeting had been scheduled to start nearly two weeks earlier, on May 14, but things hadn’t gone according to plan. Instead, only two states showed up that day: Virginia and Pennsylvania. Travel was never easy back then. It was always making people late. 😉 […]