This Day in History: George Washington bids the nation farewell (again)

On this day in 1796, George Washington bids the nation farewell. He was retiring from the presidency and making his last exit from public life. His move was astonishing! How many people voluntarily give up power and return to civilian life? Remember: Washington could probably have been a King, if he’d really wanted to. Yet, […]

This Day in History: John Jay’s forgotten contributions to America’s founding

On this day in 1829, John Jay passes away. His name is unfamiliar to most modern Americans, but Jay played a critical role in the founding of our country. One little-known contribution was made in 1782, about ten months after the British surrender at Yorktown. John Jay and Benjamin Franklin were both then in Paris, […]

This Day in History: George Washington & the First Inaugural Ball

On this day in 1789, the first inaugural ball is held. It wasn’t quite what we think of as a presidential ball, but it was a celebration, nonetheless! Can you imagine Washington dancing at his ball? You probably can’t. The picture painted of Washington in our history books is that of a calm, emotionless figure. […]