This Day in History: George Washington, the Potomac & the Mount Vernon conference

On this day in 1785, George Washington receives commissioners from Virginia and Maryland. The gathering came to be known as the Mount Vernon Conference, and it was a precursor for our Constitutional Convention. It all started with the Potomac River. Many people then expected the river to be vital to American commerce. Thus, in the […]

This Day in History: The U.S. Supreme Court meets for the first time (sort of)

On this day in 1790, the United States Supreme Court meets for the first time. Okay, technically, it *tried* to meet. 🙂 Three of the then-new Justices had assembled, but they were forced to delay due to a lack of a quorum. What interesting timing, given the fact that America’s potential 113th Supreme Court Justice […]

This Day in History: The History of Presidential Inaugurations

On this day in history, twelve United States Presidents have been inaugurated—and we will inaugurate yet another today. We didn’t used to inaugurate Presidents on January 20. Most of our Presidents were inaugurated on March 4; however, the first President, George Washington, had his own unique inauguration date. On April 30, 1789, Washington became our […]