This Day in History: Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial ends in acquittal

On this day in 1868, President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial comes to a close. Thirty-five Senators had voted to convict him, still one vote shy of the 36 votes needed to remove him from office. That trial has since been labeled a “political circus” and “a contest for power.” Regardless, Johnson had survived the attempt […]

This Day in History: Apollo 10’s mission nearly ends in disaster

On this day in 1969, Apollo 10 travels back to Earth. Did you know that its mission nearly ended in tragedy? A lunar module carrying two astronauts spun out of control and was barely recovered. Astronauts Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford were aboard the lunar module (LM) that day. They were supposed to take the […]

This Day in History: Tench Coxe & the Second Amendment

On this day in 1755, Tench Coxe is born in Philadelphia. Was he a Patriot or a Loyalist? People weren’t so sure at first. But he rehabilitated himself—or at least his reputation—and later served in four presidential administrations. He also became an advocate of the right to bear arms. Perhaps it’s unsurprising, given his background. […]

This Day in History: Winston Churchill & FDR plan for D-Day

On this day in 1943, FDR and Winston Churchill discuss the D-Day landings in Normandy. Did you know that the planning for D-Day started so far in advance? As FDR and Churchill talked, that massive Allied invasion was still more than a year in the future. Unfortunately, Allied forces lacked the resources to undertake such a […]