This Day in History: Little-known Revolutionary War hero Peter Gansevoort

On this day in 1749, Revolutionary War hero Peter Gansevoort is born. But for him, would Americans have lost the Battle of Saratoga? He held an important fort at a critical moment, sidetracking British reinforcements that might otherwise have shown up at that battle. The American victory at Saratoga was important: It encouraged the French […]

This Day in History: The Patriotic women at the Battle of Huck’s Defeat

On this day in 1780, Americans win the Battle of Huck’s Defeat.  You’ll love the bravery of a few patriotic ladies in the hours before the battle! They stood up to Captain Christian Huck, a Loyalist who was trying to locate and capture militia officers in South Carolina. Huck wanted two men, among others: John […]