This Day in History: Joseph Kittinger, the Man Who Fell From Space

On this day in 1984, retired Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger completes a solo balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The trip was the first of its kind, but it wasn’t even Kittinger’s most challenging feat. Do you know about Kittinger’s stratospheric jump from more than 100,000 feet in the air? The 1960 feat earned […]

This Day in History: Brian Buker saves his men in Vietnam

On this day in 2010, a family donates a Medal of Honor to a high school in Maine. Sergeant Brian Buker’s alma mater, Lawrence High School, received the medal and put it on display in the school library. “It will show to the other children just what he was and what they could be . […]

This Day in History: Revolutionary War heroine Mercy Otis Warren

On this day in 1728, Mercy Otis Warren is born in Massachusetts. This Patriot used her writing abilities to creatively serve the Revolutionary cause. At the urging of John Adams, she would eventually write a three-volume history of the war. “I hope you will continue,” Adams wrote in 1787, “for there are few Persons possessed […]