This Day in History: Private Henry Johnson’s bravery in World War I

On or around this day in 1892, an American hero is born. Private Henry Johnson would go on to save a fellow soldier during World War I. His bravery earned him a Medal of Honor, but it also earned him a French Croix de Guerre. Perhaps no one expected the 5’4” railroad porter from Albany […]

This Day in History: George Washington rebukes British Admiral Howe

On this day in 1776, George Washington refuses to accept a letter from British Admiral Richard Howe. The admiral and his brother, General William Howe, were attempting to contact Washington without recognizing the legitimacy of his military title. Of course, what they really meant is that they did not accept the legitimacy of the American […]

This Day in History: Howard Hughes flies around the world

On this day in 1938, Howard Hughes nears the end of his flight around the world. He wasn’t the first to make such a flight, but he was well on track to being the fastest. Naturally, Hughes wanted more than mere speed. The entrepreneurial pilot had another vision in mind. “Hughes planned to fly around […]

This Day in History: Revolutionary War Heroine Martha Bratton at Huck’s Defeat

On this day in 1780, Americans win the Battle of Williamson’s Plantation (or Huck’s Defeat) in South Carolina. The battle took place shortly after the surrender of Charleston and the massacre at the Battle of the Waxhaws. Those two battles had been demoralizing for the Patriot cause. The British were beginning to think that they’d […]