This Day in History: The origins of the Great Seal of the United States

On this day in 1782, the Confederation Congress adopts the Great Seal of the United States. The seal was nearly 6 years in the making! Congress had been working on it since July 4, 1776, not too long after the American Revolution began. You may think of July 4 as the day that the Continental […]

This Day in History: Bravery at the Battle of the Philippine Sea

On this day in 1944, the Battle of the Philippine Sea begins. Americans would win a decisive victory, leaving the Imperial Japanese Navy crippled and the U.S. Navy in command of the Pacific. One pilot became America’s leading Navy Ace during the battle. Then-Lt. Alex Vraciu shot down 6 Japanese planes in just 8 minutes! […]

This Day in History: The War of 1812, the “forgotten” war

On this day in 1812, President James Madison signs a declaration of war against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. His signature marked the official beginning of the War of 1812, a war that has been called the “forgotten” war. Today, no one really seems to understand the War of 1812 or to […]

This Week in History: Army Birthday, Flag Day, & the Battle of Bunker Hill

Happy Sunday! Attached is a summary of my “morning history” posts from this past week. For those who are interested, links to these posts can now be found on Pinterest, MeWe, a Facebook Group, and Tumblr, too. Enjoy and have a great week! Monday, June 10 Medal of Honor Monday! During this week in 1944, […]

This Week in History: The Battle of Bunker Hill

During this week in 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought. The battle was technically a British victory, but it proved to be a morale booster for Americans who discovered that they could hold their own against the renowned British army. If the details of this battle have left you a bit puzzled, then […]