This Day in History: Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball

On this day in 1919, a baby boy is born to poor sharecroppers in Georgia. Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson would go on to become the first black man to play Major League Baseball during the 20th Century. Robinson had a rough time of it when he was little. His father left his mother, who ended […]

This Day in History: Roger Donlon’s heroism at Nam Dong

On this day in 1934, a future army captain and Medal of Honor recipient is born. Would you believe that Roger Donlon almost wasn’t in the Army at all? He’d originally signed up to be an Air Force pilot, but then ended up in the Army instead. The Air Force’s loss was the Army’s gain! […]

This Day in History: A raid at Cabanatuan frees American POWs

On this day in 1945, more than 500 American and Allied POWs are liberated from a camp in the Philippines. They’d been held by the Japanese for years and were the last surviving members of what had once been a much larger group. Indeed, this camp just outside Cabanatuan City was the largest American POW […]

This Day in History: William McKinley, one of our lesser-known Presidents

On this day in 1843, William McKinley is born. He is one of those Presidents that you don’t hear too much about, perhaps in part because his time in office was cut short by a deranged gunman. As a young man, McKinley fought for the Union during the Civil War. He served under future President […]

National Popular Vote: Look Before You Leap

“I think I made a mistake by coming here.” A gentle-looking woman had flagged me down in the hall and was standing next to me, an earnest look on her face. We’d just left a state legislative hearing in Connecticut. She’d come to show her support for the so-called National Popular Vote (NPV) bill. That […]