This Day in History: Winston Churchill is born

On this day in 1874, Sir Winston Churchill is born. This adopted American is best known, of course, for serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Churchill was the son of an American mother and an English father. His father was extremely tough on him, and his mother at times […]

This Day in History: The American Revolution begins — with covert operations?

On this day in 1775, Americans take an important step in their fight against Great Britain: The Continental Congress establishes the Committee of Correspondence. Such a dry-sounding name for what would soon follow: secret midnight meetings, covert operations, and even a fake merchant company providing cover to France and Spain! Perhaps you won’t be surprised […]

This Day in History: USS Archerfish versus the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano

On this day in 1944, the submarine USS Archerfish begins tracking (and would ultimately sink) the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano. The Japanese ship was then brand new; it had been commissioned less than two weeks earlier.  The ship wasn’t even completely fitted out! When Archerfish found her, she was en route to the Inland Sea […]

This Day in History: Robert Livingston, little-known (but critical) Founder

On this day in 1746, a future Patriot is born. Robert Livingston’s name is one that most Americans don’t recognize, but perhaps they should. He played a critical role in several founding events. Did you know that he is the one standing next to George Washington in portraits of the first inauguration? Or did you […]

This Day in History: Platoon Sergeant Matthew Leonard saves his men

On this day in 1929, a hero is born in Eutaw, Alabama. Matthew Leonard grew up in the midst of the segregated South—but he rose above it. Perhaps you’d expect nothing less from a boy who was known for walking school hallways in his Boy Scout uniform? Leonard met his future wife, Lois, when he […]