This Day in History: USS President Lincoln is attacked by the Germans

On this day in 1918, a German submarine launches an attack on USS President Lincoln. The American troop transport ship was then on her way home, carrying 700 people back to the States. Some of her passengers were sick soldiers, including two who were almost completely paralyzed. USS President Lincoln would not survive the attack, […]

This Day in History: George Washington, the Baptists, & religious freedom

During this month in 1789, Washington responds to a letter from the United Baptist Churches of Virginia. These Baptists were worried: Was their religious freedom in Danger? “When the constitution first made its appearance in Virginia,” the Baptists wrote, “we, as a Society, had unusual strugglings of mind; fearing that the liberty of conscience, dearer […]

This Day in History: The origins of Memorial Day, shrouded in mystery

During this week in 1971, Memorial Day is observed on a new date. If you don’t know much about the history of this weekend’s holiday, then you are not alone. To some degree, its origins remain shrouded in mystery. It all began with the Civil War—the deadliest conflict in American history. More than 600,000 soldiers […]