This Day in History: Washington’s Birthday (not President’s Day) established

On this day in 1879, Congress makes George Washington’s birthday a holiday. As far as the federal government is concerned, there is no such thing as a generic “President’s Day.” Congress specifically decided to celebrate “Washington’s Birthday” on this day so long ago, and it has never reversed the decision. So why do most of […]

This Day in History: The attempted assassination of President Andrew Jackson

On this day in 1835, a would-be assassin tries to shoot President Andrew Jackson. The assassination attempt stemmed from Jackson’s refusal to reauthorize a charter for the Second Bank of the United States. But perhaps not quite in the way that you would expect. On January 30, many elected officials were attending a funeral in […]

This Day in History: Apollo 1 ends in tragedy

On this day in 1967, the first manned Apollo mission ends in heartbreak. Apollo 1’s crew had been at Kennedy Space Center, preparing for their upcoming launch. Unfortunately, they never made it into space. Instead, all three astronauts were tragically killed during what should have been a simple launch rehearsal. But, then again, nothing had […]

This Day in History: The World Teeters on the Brink of Nuclear War

On this day in 1995, an aide hands a nuclear briefcase to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Nuclear missiles were ready to go. Would Yeltsin choose to launch them at the United States? He had less than 6 minutes to decide. The world teetered on the brink of nuclear war. Fortunately, the crisis was averted at […]