This Day in History: A Heroine at the Battle of the House in the Horseshoe

On this day in 1781, Loyalists win the Battle of the House in the Horseshoe. Yes! The battle really occurred in a house. Perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear that the lady of the house would turn out to be a heroine that day? The house belonged to North Carolina Patriot Philip Alston, who’d […]

This Day in History: A Signer of the Declaration, in prison

On this day in 1746, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is born in South Carolina. The patriotic song “God Save our Thirteen States” is sometimes attributed to Thomas Heyward, Jr. If he did write it, then he penned the words as he sat in a British prison! Heyward was born into a prosperous […]

This Day in History: George Washington’s first Surgeon General — a spy?

On this day in 1775, George Washington’s army gets a new Surgeon General. Unfortunately, that man would turn out to be a traitor. What a terrible blow! Dr. Benjamin Church had long been a trusted member of the Sons of Liberty. When you think “traitor,” you probably think of Benedict Arnold. Well, it turns out that […]

This Day in History: Benjamin Franklin, first Postmaster General

On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress creates a postal system and appoints Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General. It’s hard for modern Americans to understand the importance of a post office in 1775. We are more likely to complain about postal inefficiency and to joke about “snail mail.” But for our ancestors, […]