This Day in History: Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier

On this day in 1919, a baby boy is born to poor sharecroppers in Georgia. Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson would go on to become the first black man to play Major League Baseball during the 20th Century. Robinson had a rough time of it when he was little. His father left his mother, who ended […]

This Day in History: An Escape from Fort Independence

On this day in 1777, Major General William Heath retreats from Fort Independence. His decision ends a failed mission to harass and distract the British. Several weeks earlier, George Washington had instructed Heath to gather militia and “move down towards New york with a Considerable force as if you had a design upon the city.” […]

This Day in History: The first Sioux to receive the Medal of Honor

On this day in 1982, U.S. Army Master Sergeant Woodrow “Woody” Keeble passes away. More than 25 years later, he would finally be recognized with the Medal of Honor. He was the first Sioux to receive the medal. The honor had been a long time coming! When World War II broke out, Keeble was being […]

This Day in History: Birth of the United States Coast Guard

On this day in 1915, two agencies are consolidated into a new United States Coast Guard. Of course, the foundations for the Coast Guard were laid long before 1915! In fact, the Coast Guard considers its real birthday to be August 4, 1790. On that day, President George Washington signed an act authorizing the construction […]