Electoral College Myths & Facts

Many thanks to those of you who have been following my series of Electoral College Myths & Facts on Facebook. I’ve gathered them here all in one place, in case anyone missed some earlier this fall. I hope they were helpful! As always, please feel free to run over to my Facebook page if you have any Electoral College questions that I’ve missed. Happy to help if I can.

Myth #1: Only swing states matter, other states are ignored

Myth #2: The Founders did not trust the people

Myth #3: The Electoral College is undemocratic

Myth #4: Votes cast for a 3rd-party candidate are wasted

Myth #5: Eliminating the Electoral College will make it harder to steal elections

Myth #6: Eliminating the Electoral College would make every vote equal

Myth #7: The System Disenfranchises Voters Who Live in “Safe” States

Myth #8: Candidates who lose the popular vote shouldn’t win the White House. The system is rigged!  


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