This Day in History: Mount Rushmore is completed!

On this day in 1941, Mount Rushmore is declared complete. Did you know that the famous presidential monument was partly inspired by a similar stone carving of Confederate leaders? And did you know that a competing monument is currently being constructed about 15 miles from Mount Rushmore? The so-called Father of Mount Rushmore was Doane […]

Medal of Honor Monday: One Medal recipient saves another Medal recipient

On this day in 1972, a Navy SEAL saves his senior officer from almost certain death. He would later receive the Medal of Honor for his bravery, but there is an interesting twist to the story! Petty Officer Michael Thornton saved the life of Lt. Tom Norris on this day so long ago. But Norris would […]

This Day in History: Martha Wayles, future wife of Thomas Jefferson, is born

On this day in 1748, Martha Wayles, future wife of Thomas Jefferson, is born. Martha “Patty” Wayles Skelton Jefferson is a bit of a mystery! We don’t even have a portrait of her, although the attached silhouette is believed to be hers. Jefferson burned all of their correspondence after her death. By all accounts, though, […]