This Day in History: The Battle of the Clouds

On this day in 1777, George Washington’s army falls, exhausted, into camp at Yellow Springs. It had narrowly avoided potential disaster at the Battle of the Clouds. By a stroke of good (or bad) luck, that battle was over practically before it started. It had been almost a week since the Battle of Brandywine. Americans […]

This Day in History: The Paul Revere of the Mohawk Valley

On this day in 1778, the “Paul Revere of the Mohawk Valley” makes his famous run. Unlike Revere, Adam Helmer didn’t have a horse to help him cover ground more quickly. Instead, he ran at least 30 miles on foot! Information about the run is scarce. Were there moments of exhilaration as he ran so […]

This Day in History: The mysterious death of Enoch Poor

On this day in 1780, George Washington writes the President of the Continental Congress and imparts some sad news. A well-respected Brigadier General, Enoch Poor, had passed away a few days earlier. Washington praised Poor as an “Officer of distinguished merit—who as a citizen and a Soldier had every claim to be the esteem of […]

This Day in History: Mercy Otis Warren, unsung Revolutionary War heroine

On this day in 1728, Mercy Otis Warren is born in Massachusetts. This Patriot used her writing abilities to creatively serve the Revolutionary cause. At the urging of John Adams, she would eventually write a three-volume history of the war. “I hope you will continue,” Adams wrote in 1787, “for there are few Persons possessed […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Brian L. Buker gives his life in Vietnam

On (almost) this day in 2010, a family donates a Medal of Honor to a high school in Maine. Brian L. Buker’s mother had wanted her son’s Medal to be placed on permanent display after her death. Buker’s alma mater, Lawrence High School, received the medal and put the Medal on display in the school […]