This Day in History: A signer of the Declaration of Independence is born!

On this day in 1749, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is born in South Carolina. Thomas Lynch, Jr.’s life would come to a tragic end a mere 30 years later when he was lost at sea, possibly in the Bermuda Triangle. Both Lynch and his father worked hard for the Patriot cause! The […]

This Day in History: Siege of Ft. Schuyler & the bloody Battle of Oriskany

On this day in 1777, American forces inside Fort Schuyler hold out against a British siege. Help was on the way! Unfortunately, those reinforcements would be ambushed by Loyalist and Indian forces before they ever arrived at Fort Schuyler. The resulting Battle of Oriskany has been called one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution. […]

This Day in History: Survivors of USS Indianapolis rescued from the ocean

On this day in 1945, the last survivors of the USS Indianapolis are pulled from the Pacific Ocean. They’d been there since a Japanese submarine had torpedoed and sunk Indianapolis on July 30. They had just finished delivering parts for the Little Boy atomic bomb to American bombers! Now, because of communication gaffes, their ship […]

This Day in History: Calvin Coolidge declines to run for re-election

On this day in 1927, Calvin Coolidge declines to run for re-election as President. His statement to the press was simple: “I do not choose to run for president in 1928.” He didn’t actually speak these words! Instead, he had the statement printed on slips of paper. When journalists had finished assembling for the presidential […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Operation Tidal Wave

On this day in 1943, Operation Tidal Wave begins! Nearly 180 Consolidated B-24 Liberator bombers embark on a lengthy mission to destroy oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania. The mission has been called the “longest, bloodiest, most heroic bombing mission in history.” The day would come to be known as Black Sunday. Five men would receive […]