Weekly Presidential Trivia!

This Saturday’s presidential trivia!  For those of you who are used to seeing these questions on Facebook, I am trying a new format this week.  I hope you enjoy!


(1) Which President was once a fashion model?

(2) Who was the first President to hold a live, televised press conference?

(3) Who was our President when the European Union was first formed?


(1) Gerald Ford. He was dating a woman who urged him to give it a try. The couple even appeared together on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Eventually, the two broke up. She continued modeling, but he moved on to other occupations.  Interestingly, though, Ford would later end up marrying Betty Bloomer, a former model.

(2) John F. Kennedy. He did it within days of being inaugurated, on January 25, 1961.  Perhaps unsurprising, given how well he did in the televised presidential debates against Richard Nixon.

(3) Bill Clinton. A 1993 treaty created the European Union under its current name. The E.U.’s predecessors were formed earlier, in the 1950s. Harry S. Truman was President when the European Coal and Steel Community was formed (1951).  Dwight Eisenhower was President when the European Economic Community was formed (1957).