This Day in History: President James Garfield’s assassin is hanged

On this day in 1882, Charles J. Guiteau is hanged for the assassination of President James Garfield. Would you believe that Guiteau shot the President simply because he’d been denied a job in the Garfield administration? Guiteau was a seedy character, to say the least. He had a long history of running away from bill […]

This Day in History: Roosevelt & Bonaparte conspire to create the FBI

On this day in 1908, the Attorney General of the United States hires a “corps of special agents.” This force would eventually become the foundation for the institution that we know as the FBI. Believe it or not, you can give partial credit to Napoleon Bonaparte’s great-nephew for starting the FBI. Yes, really! Charles Bonaparte […]

This Day in History: Caesar Rodney & his midnight ride

On this day in 1784, a signer of the Declaration of Independence passes away. Caesar Rodney is perhaps best known for his ride to Philadelphia on the night of July 1-2, 1776. Surely his feat was at least as important as Paul Revere’s! Rodney rode 80 miles through a storm, arriving in Philadelphia just in […]

Weekly Presidential Trivia!

This Saturday’s presidential trivia!  For those of you who are used to seeing these questions on Facebook, I am trying a new format this week.  I hope you enjoy! QUESTIONS: (1) Which President was once a fashion model? (2) Who was the first President to hold a live, televised press conference? (3) Who was our […]