Master Chief William R. Charette’s Medal of Honor

On this day in 1932, a future Medal of Honor recipient is born. Master Chief William R. Charette was one of five Navy corpsman to receive the Medal of Honor during the Korean War. He was the only one to survive the experience. Perhaps it was a miracle that he lived? At one point, he’d […]

The Federalist Papers: No. 75

On this day in 1788, Federalist Paper No. 75 is published. Next up on Publius’s list of presidential powers? The treaty-making power. The Constitution provides that the President can enter into treaties, “by and with the advice and consent of the Senate . . . provided two thirds of the senators present concur.” Publius notes […]

The Federalist Papers: No. 74

On this day in 1788, Federalist Paper No. 74 is published. The ever-organized Publius is still scrolling down his punch list of presidential powers. This paper analyzes a few presidential powers in quick succession, but Publius spends the bulk of his time discussing the President’s ability to grant “reprieves and pardons for offenses against the […]

The Federalist Papers: No. 73

On this day in 1788, Federalist Paper No. 73 is published. You may remember that essay 70 outlined several ingredients needed for an “energetic executive.” This paper tackles the third of these ingredients: “adequate provision for its support.” Alexander Hamilton writes as Publius in this particular paper. Publius’s discussion of this third ingredient is quick. […]