Enlightened Democracy is now available on Amazon Audible!

Enlightened Democracy is now available on Amazon Audible! My easy-to-read (or, in this case, hear) book about the Electoral College. Many of you have been asking for an audio version. I narrated the book myself and hope you enjoy it. Update!  There is a cheaper way to get this book on Audible.  (I am sorry about […]

As NYC Goes, So Goes the Nation?

Last week, the New York legislature adjourned without approving the anti-Electoral College National Popular Vote effort. It’s good news, but this piece of good news may not last long. New York voters will need to overwhelm their state senators with phone calls and emails if they want to keep this measure from being approved in the […]

Spurs demand change in NBA rules: “All points should be equal”

Editorial Note: Clearly, this article is satire. Please do not spread as actual news.  But spread far and wide to help explain the relevance and importance of our Electoral College system.  It is not so different from the NBA Finals.  Or the World Series, for that matter. The San Antonio Spurs today filed a demand […]

Rhode Island May Vote Against the Electoral College by Thursday

This article originally appeared on National Review’s The Corner http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/350726/rhode-island-may-vote-against-electoral-college-thursday-tara-ross Rhode Island May Vote Against the Electoral College by Thursday An anti–Electoral College group may have another state in its corner by Thursday. The National Popular Vote effort has been trying for years to get Rhode Island on board with its plan. Its proponents have learned from […]

Warrantless Searches, Then and Now

I wrote this in 2005 about Bush’s eavesdropping and warrantless searches.  Seems I’ve been proven right. An archived link to the original story is here, but I am also reprinting the entire article below in case that archive goes away at some point.  The most relevant portions start about 6 or 7 paragraphs into the article. […]