Real-life Election Stories: Teddy Roosevelt, Leader of the Bull Moose Party!

Most of us know that Theodore Roosevelt served most of two terms as President (1901-1909).  Do you know that he tried and failed to achieve a third term in 1912?  This last attempt at office was classic Teddy Roosevelt! When Roosevelt retired in 1908, he essentially hand-picked his successor:  William Howard Taft ran for the Republican Party […]

A nice surprise in my Twitter feed!

Thanks to Professor Derek Muller for his review of Enlightened Democracy‘s 2nd edition.  I very much appreciate the recommendation! Library of Law and Liberty: Tempering Faction with the Electoral College’s Reasonable Majorities  

Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation (October 3, 1789)

On this day 223 years ago, George Washington issued the first official Thanksgiving Proclamation. Last week, I posted about Congress’s request that he take such action. Interestingly, this congressional request was issued almost immediately after Congress approved the language that would become the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Congress apparently did not view the […]