Nebraskans Support Awarding Electoral College votes by Congressional District

Nebraska and Maine are the only two states that do not award their electors in a winner-take-all fashion. They instead award their electors according to congressional district. A recent poll suggests that Nebraskans are satisfied with the choice their state has made. Admittedly, this poll did not give respondents a fourth option (ditching the Electoral […]

Voluntary Prayers Violate Federal Policy?

An Indiana food pantry has been found in violation of federal guidelines because its workers sometimes prayed with the people who came to it for assistance. As described by this USA Today piece, these prayers were voluntary! Should federal guidelines shut down even such voluntary expressions of religion? My bet is that George Washington […]

Ronald Reagan on the Electoral College

“The very basis for our freedom is that we are a Federation of Sovereign States. Our Constitution recognizes that certain rights belong to the state and cannot be infringed upon by the National government. This is the guaranty that small states or rural, sparsely populated areas will have a proportionate voice in national affairs. “Those […]

Will Your Vote for President be Meaningless?

The author of this column, Curtis Coleman, asserts that an anti-Electoral College movement “could make your vote for President meaningless” and “your vote would have meant absolutely nothing.” He is right where it matters, but (to be fair to National Popular Vote) there is a sense in which he is wrong. The Founders set […]