PA Election bill puts Majority Leader Pileggi in spotlight

This article appropriately notes the funding behind Pennsylvania’s proposed change in electoral vote allocation. It notes the funding behind National Popular Vote, but not in as much detail. More on that funding here:

Would Founders want PA to “freelance” on Electoral College issues?

Readers of this page will remember that Pennsylvania is considering a change to the way in which it allocates its presidential electors. Recently, Larry J. Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, weighed in on the plan. “You do not want an individual state, particularly a highly populated one […]

There They Go Again…..One-sided reporting about Electoral College

Yesterday I posted about biased reporting on Pennsylvania’s proposal to change its method of electoral vote allocation. Another example appears in The Washington Post this morning. This opinion writer even manages to cast the Pennsylvania plan as a racist one, needed as the “Republican Party becomes more and more a white folks’ party.” Good grief. […]

Now Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has me joining “boo-bird chorus” #ElectoralCollege

I find it interesting that so many media outlets are focusing on the negative comments in my recent NRO article (; they have completely ignored the benefits that I listed for the Pennsylvania plan to change its allocation of electors ( Could it be that a liberal media wants the plan to fail because they […]